The islands Koutsomitis and Kounoupes

Koutsomitis and Kounoupes are the "exotic zone" of Astypalaia. The waters and the environment differ from what you will see in the rest island. You can approach the two islands either by renting a private boat from Livadia beach, or by tour boat from the port of Pera Yalos and Maltezana.

Kounoupes island has anexotic character, it is worth seeing during your stay in Astypalaia. The visitor will find a very pretty double beach (a relatively narrow strip of land connects one side of the island to the other, forming the beach on both sides) with water that the  color it look as it is pool.

Koutsomitis and Tigani island next to it. is a beautiful daily destination for boats starting from Pera Gialos and combined with a visit to Kounoupes. The gap between the Koutsomitis and Tigani creates a beautiful passage for small boats with crystal clear waters. The crossing of the pass to the opposite Tigani is a must during your stay. You can hang to the pebbled beach on one side or another of the islands.