The Astypalaia Archaeological Museum

The Astypalaia Archaeological Museum is housed in a ground-floor hall, which was granted to the Hellenic Ministry of Culture by the Ecclesiastical Charity Fund of Astypalaia in 1994. The exhibition was organized in 1995-1996 and in the following years it was improved and enriched with the special audio-visual programme (Echorama). The museum was inaugurated in September 1998.

The exhibition contains finds that cover a wide chronological range, from the prehistoric period down to medieval times. More specifically, the museum contains:


  • Collection of prehistoric finds: clay vases, jewellery, bronze and stone tools from chamber tombs of the Mycenaean period at the sites of Armenochori and Syngairo, which attest the prosperity of the island since the Late Bronze Age. Remarkable is the discovery in one of the graves, of numerous stone tools, probably connected with the status and the occupation of the deceased.


  • Treasure of silver coins of the Classical period, which was found on the island.
    Collection of votive inscriptions from the sanctuaries of the island, which give information about the deities worshipped on Astypalaia in antiquity (Apollo, Artemis Lochia and Eilythieia, Asklepios and Aphrodite). Remarkable among them is a large inscribed votive base of Apollo with the marks of the feet of a monumental statue, dated to the 4th century BC.


  • Finds of the Classical and Hellenistic periods: architectural members (inscribed architraves), burial and votive reliefs, funerary altars, male and female statuettes and important inscriptions (funerary, votive, honorary decrees, letters from emperors and other items), which give valuable information about the history and monuments of the island.


  • Collection of clay vases from the necropolises of Katsalos and Kilindra, dating from the Geometric until the Roman period.


  • Marble panels, capitals and other parts of Early Christian basilicas.


Museum working hours: Tuesday – Saturday, 8:00 to 20:00. Sundays and Mondays, 9:00 to 15:00. Admission is free.

Info: tel. +30 22430-61500