The main municipalities of Astypalaia, are Chora (town), Livadi, Maltezana (Analipsi), Pera Gialos and Vathy.

Chora is one of the most beautiful towns of the Aegean, is hunging up on a rock to oversee the endless blue and the islands that lie in the "hands" of Astypalaia! It is located between Pera Gialos (old port) and the great downhill slope that leads to Livadi. The houses of Chora, which in a large number have been restored while maintaining the classic architectural style, spreads from the Old Port, the mills in the main square up to the Venetian castle that dominates the hilltop. Only the blue dome of Evaggelistrias church manages to stand up from the tall castle houses that are part of the wall of the castle!

At your arrival in the Country the large traditional stone windmills (cultural heritage) that start from the main square and the war memorial, will "welcome" you. In the square and the surrounding streets you will find several options for relaxation and eating. Try for sure some of the local recipes and desserts.

At the square of Chora, is the Town Hall, the Municipal Library and just below the traditional cafe of "Mougos". From the height of City Hall begins two main paths that lead to the castle. One crosses the Portaitissa church overlooking the bay of Livadi. The other passes through Megali Panagia, a Aegean church with blue dome and pebbled courtyard, gazing Pera Gialos.

Maltezana (Analipsi) is the main vacation resort of the island and the second largest municipality on the island. Located in the so-called "Out Island", across from Chora, Livadi and Pera Gialos. Built in the end of a fertile valley, the Maltezana called Analipsi of the church, which is the oldest of the village.

Connected by road to the capital, there are regular trasportation with the local transport in summer period. It has a huge beach, white houses surrounded by flowery gardens and taverns.

Livadi is located after the town and is accessible from the great downhill following the road in front of the Mills. In the first branch of the road, before the bridge you can choose the path that leads directly to the beach and the shops you'll find there. The view from Livadi is great, since you can swim or eat in traditional taverns while watching Chora hanging-on the big rock! The night scenery is also beautiful as you see the enlightened Chora and its reflections in the sea.

Livadi has a largest beach of the island with many options and clear waters, it is around 2km. away from Chora. It is a nice location with several accommodation services, hotels and apartments.

Pera Gialos is the traditional port of Astypalaia until recently, and the main before the creation of the new one in Agios Andreas. In the harbor, you can find boats that come from the nearby islands (for example the ship from the local line that goes to Kalymnos), also many sailboats dock to the small marina that has been created in the recent years for this purpose. Located at the "feet" of the town, nowadays hardly stands out from Chora, because of the overpopulation in this area.

In Pera Gialos you will find a nice and clean beach with trees, protected from weather. You can have a quick swim or you can choose to sit in the little shops (coffee and snack bars) directly above the beach. Here you will also find the museum of Astypalaia where you will see the history of the island.

Vathy is the smallest and most remote municipality of the island. Located on the road after Maltezana, and continuing behind the Schinias beach. There, you will meet wild landscapes completely different than everything you've seen in the rest of the island.

It looks like a lagoon, due to the bay (about 50 m.) that limits the entrance of the sea. It consists of two settlements: "Exo Vathi", located at the entrance of the bay and has a small staircase where the boats tie up, and "Mesa Vathi" which is in the gulf, with fields, trees and a few vineyards. It lies 21 km. north-east from Chora.